First Post! New favourite face mask & lip treatment

Bonjour, today is 29th July 2016. Where’s the bloody year gone? Just wanted to review a face mask I have been using for the past couple of months which I found in Whole Foods. It’s from a brand called Lavera which my boss thought was stocked in Aldi, but I can’t verify that. Anyway, since being diagnosed with PCOS my skin has been like an oil slick, and I find this quite good especially in the hot weather. It smells nice and minty, has a cooling tingling sensation when applied, and when you remove with a damp cleansing cloth after five minutes skin looks much brighter, clean and refreshed! A full 10/10 from me. We had 2 boiling hot days in London over the past couple of weeks that tends to make my excess oil situation twice as bad, so this has been a bit of a saviour. Buy from Lavera here for £2.90 – not a bad price at all considering you get a couple of uses out of it.Lavera face mask

After re-purchasing this several times, I decided to try out their 3-in-1 Wash Scrub & Mask which is £7.95 for 125ml, I was hoping this would have the same sort of results, but it doesn’t do as good a job so I’d say skip it. It also has some little exfoliating beads in which I’m not massively keen on, but I’ve just been applying it like a mask and not massaging them in too much to avoid irritation: here you can see the texture on my chubby morning cheek, not bad but nothing to write home about.
IMG_6033 IMG_5948

I have spied a lime and salt deep cleansing mask, also by Lavera so will be keeping my beady eye out for if/when that arrives in Whole Foods.

My summer lip of choice: Clarins Eclat Minute 01 which I believe is the shade Rose Shimmer. Ah how I love thee, let me count the ways..

  1. Colour, gorgeous pale pink that almost brightens the lips
  2. Texture, this is glossy but not sticky, almost like a gloss balm hybrid
  3. It just smells like sugar which is heaven and also has a teeny bit of a sugary taste, but that’s barely noticeable
  4. It has a doe foot applicator once you unscrew the lid and you squeeze the product through it so you get the perfect amount, and I imagine there’s no problem when you’re getting near the end and want to make sure every last bit is used up
  5. Keeps lips lovely and moisturised

It comes in 8 different shades, Petal Shimmer and Candy Shimmer are next on my list because obviously you can never have enough pale lip glosses. There are an additional 3 limited edition shades too which look a bit more pigmented if you’re into a bright pop of colour this season.


Sadly the weather has returned to a usual mild and occasionally rainy state of affairs here, but for when the sun is back out I have made the best ice cream discovery ever ♥ On the first floor of Fortnum and Mason you can sit in and have a sundae in The Parlour, but you can also buy a cone for £3 and the Rose & Violet ice cream is unbelievably good! I thought it’d be soapy but it’s not, it’s absolute perfection, and the perfect thing to take to Green Park on a sunny day.IMG_5970


A sunny evening in the garden



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