Alpha H Liquid Gold

After 2 years of using this I stopped using it for about 6 months when my last bottle ran out, and I am so glad I have started again!


“A powerful overnight ‘serum’, Alpha-H’s bestselling, multiple award-winning Liquid Gold looks more like a toner – a clear liquid, whose appearance belies its remarkable efficacy. An ‘overnight facial’, the pioneering formula (it was originally developed in 2000, and was the very first of its kind) is a phenomenal, leave on, ‘sleep in’ liquid peel, which swiftly (and dramatically) revitalises dulled, ageing skin that’s lost its lustre, whilst gradually lessening the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, blemishes, pigmentation, scarring and redness. In fact, there’s virtually nothing this skin care miracle can’t accomplish”

Yep definitely not a serum, it has the consistency of water. It doesn’t smell particularly nice and it stings a bit when you put it on, but it WORKS. I am constantly ID’d so the anti aging factor isn’t a major pull for me, but I do have a couple of fine lines on my forehead which weren’t there when I was 19 – anyway, a week of using this and they’ve disappeared. My skin is a grease bomb and this has helped so much, my pores are less visible, it’s just good. The point they make about revitalising dull skin that’s lost it’s lustre is definitely true, this is my go to product for the day after the night before.

Another reason I like this is because on the long days when you’re frazzled and skin is looking less than it’s best, this is when you need this product and it’s just so easy to use, no need to cleanse properly as this does the job for you:

  1. Take off makeup with Garnier Micellar water on a few cotton pads
  2. Use micellar water on a cotton pad to do a final clean sweep of your face, just to make sure there is nothing left on
  3. Put a bit of liquid gold on a cotton pad and sweep over face neck and chest
  4. BED

You wake up just looking so much better! It’s like your skin has been moisturised from within and just looks way more radiant. At the moment I’m using it every other night as it seems to provide some oil control as well which I’m suffering with particularly at the moment, but I will probably take this down to once or twice a week as sometimes my cheeks can be a little sensitive.

I got 2 x Liquid Gold 100ml for the price of one from Cult Beauty  for £33.50 – which I think makes it a bit easier to spend on a product you might not be familiar with – the knowledge you can always sell the other one on eBay.. but it’s so worth it and I will definitely be keeping both bottles!

The only other thing I’ve tried that compared to this was the Glycolic Renewal Kit from Revive, they gave me a cute little sample of this from Space NK and by cute I mean 1 professional cleansing pad and a thimbleful of the renewal gel – my god it’s good! But at £190 for 30pads and 118ml that will just have to remain in my skincare cabinet of dreams at the present moment in time 😀



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